A typical Saturday evening conversation between me and my inner voice. 

Setting: Salt Lake Roasting Co., after an intense Aikido training. 

Me: I’m bored. 

Inner Voice: Go take a nap.

Me: Meh! I think I’m gonna do some Python coding. 

Inner Voice: What are you going to code? 

Me: Remember the Cows and Bulls word game that I used to play when I was little.

Inner Voice: What? That sounds kinda lame. Work on something productive.

Me: Screw you, Inner Voice!!

Inner Voice: I don’t like you very much. 

Me: Oh yeah, well the feeling is mutual. 

So I fired up Vim and coded up the Cows and Bulls game :)

It is text-based right now and still in its primitive stage. I’ll probably add more features when I get into a fight with my Inner Voice again. 

Oh here is the code: https://github.com/amjith/Cows_and_Bulls-Game