I’m starting a project called mysql-cli.

mysql-cli will be a command line client for MySQL, with auto-completion and syntax highlighting. An equivalent of pgcli for MySQL database.

I’m raising funds for the project through kickstarter. The goal is to compensate for the development time and resources (hosting, testing etc) as well as motivate me to keep going.

When I launched pgcli earlier this year I had high hopes for it. I anticipated that I might reach a hundred users and even a couple of contributions. I announced it on Twitter and HackerNews and it took about an hour to reach 100 stars. By the second day it was a top trending repo in all of Github. Right now it is hovering near the 1600 mark for the number of stars, with more than 70 pull requests (merged). 

During the first week of launch, I slept about 3 hours each night because the pull requests and issues came flooding. I made a personal resolve to answer every communique within 24 hours. This meant answering personal emails, responding to issues filed, reviewing pull requests etc. I vowed to be polite and respectful to my users and contributors and I’ve had nothing but pleasant interactions with them. 

My hope is to provide the same level of dedication and support to mysql-cli. There is definitely a need for it, since every time I use the default MySQL client I want to scream obscenities at my computer and I can’t be the only one. :)

The plan is to launch mysql-cli in July 2015 and open up the repo to public. If you want to get involved sooner, please back the project on kickstarter and I’ll add you to the early access list. :)