I’m taking a couple of the free online classes offered by Standford. One on Artifical Intelligence and one on Machine Learning

I haven’t had so much fun since kindergarten. Actually that’s not fair, I didn’t enjoy kindergarten this much. I’m listening to the classes during my lunch, after work, during weekends. I’m working on my assignment with so much enthusiasm, I dread the day when this class ends. 

Stanford just announced a slew of new online classes offered starting in Jan 2012. I was way too excited when I first read the description on them. Now I’m a little sad, becasue I want to take 8 out of the 11 courses that are being offered and I don’t have enough time. :(

Woe is me. 

ps: If you are not taking any of these classes you are missing out big time. Please do yourself a favor and sign up.