InnerVoice: That is latin for “Life is Short, Art is Long”. 

Me: Yeah, I know, I’m a little behind on my personal projects.

InnerVoice: Try waaaaay behind. There are at least ten tabs open at home and five tabs open at work 

Me: I’ll get to it. They are not going anywhere.

InnerVoice: BTW, those unread emails with some tutorial links isn’t gonna master itself, you know.

Me: Hmmm….. 

InnerVoice: Are you even listening to me?

Me: Barely. I’m still thinking about my first Hapkido class tomorrow. 

InnerVoice: Well, there goes the Wednesday nights.

Me: BTW, I agreed to present a brief tutorial on Git at the SLLUG meeting next Wednesday (Nov 17). 

InnerVoice: What? Are you crazy?

Me: Well how else am I going to make a good first impression?

InnerVoice: You do realize, you’ve never been to one of those meetings, right?

Me: Yeah, but they seem like nice people. I’m sure I’ll be fine. 

InnerVoice: *Shakes Head* Hopeless, utterly hopeless.

Me: *Grinning with glee*

It’s awesome when life gets busy.