Conversations with a 3 month old

Vian’s vocabulary isn’t quite as good as his brother’s. So what’s documented below is my own interpretation of his actions and expressions. It’s bedtime and I’m rocking Vian to sleep. He fell asleep on my arms and I’ve been rocking him for nearly an hour. I decided it was time to put him down. As soon as I put him down, he wakes up in shock and disbelief. Vian: I can’t believe you’ve done this....

August 10, 2016 · 1 min

Fun with Vilari (3 month old)

Vian and I started taking walks around the block in the evening. I carry him around all swaddled and he coos and babbles for a few minutes. I sing his favorite Tamil lullaby and he slowly calms down and rests his head on my chest and drifts into sleep. The awesome thing about our neighborhood is everyone I meet during the walk is genuinely happy to see us. I usually get a thumbs up from cars driving by or neighbors want to stop and take a closer look at Vian....

August 9, 2016 · 2 min

Voice of an Angel

When Sempi was a little baby we had a hard time putting him to sleep. I would rock him for hours (yup, hours) trying to get him to sleep. During those days I would sing a Tamil song that my mom taught me in the hopes that it’ll calm him down and put him to sleep. Never worked. With Vian we are going through a similar experience (you’d think we’d learn by now) of rocking him to sleep....

July 6, 2016 · 1 min

Sibling For Sale

Sempi and I are at our favorite neighborhood coffee shop, reading books and eating bagels. We picked up a book with a collection of funny poems. Here’s one: “One sister for sale,One sister for sale,One crying and spying young sister for saleI’m really not kidding so who’ll start the biddingDo I hear a dollar?A nickle?A penny?Oh isn’t there isn’t there isn’t there anyOne person who will buy this sister for saleThis crying spying old young sister for sale....

June 11, 2016 · 1 min

Conversations about a 4 week old

After a particularly rough night with the new born, Yoshi and I are sitting in the dining room eating breakfast. Vian is sleeping in the bedroom. Yoshi: Can you check on the baby? Me: Sure *Checked on him to make sure he’s still breathing* Me: He’s sleeping with the utmost satisfaction of someone who has stolen two people’s sleep. Yoshi: Haha. *tired and jittery laughter*

June 5, 2016 · 1 min