It’s a Sunday afternoon and the kids chose to do 1:1 with each other. They are watching some minecraft tutorial videos on Youtube. Suddenly I hear Sempi running towards me and asks for 5 more minutes. I say sure and get back to my own activity (reviewing PRs on personal projects).

Then 5 minutes later he comes back and asks for 3 more minutes to finish the current video. I agreed since it felt like such a small time frame. After they finished the video it dawned on me that if he had originally asked for 8 additional minutes, I would have said NO. Because I’ve denied extensions when he asked for more time that was longer than 5 mins. I guess he figured it out and social engineered me into getting 8 additional minutes.

He claims that he genuinely miscalculated it as 5 minutes from the first time (he said with a sly smirk).

I was outwitted by a 12 year old and I can’t be prouder.