I went to a Beans and Brews in American Fork to get some work done. It was a total disaster:

  • I decided to try dirty Chai (Chai w/ espresso ) which tasted terrible.
  • I got no work done, thanks to the noisy coffee grinder and their horrible excuse for a music.
  • My netbook was having too many problems and I gave up trying to get any work done on it. Time to buy a decent laptop.

On my way back from this defeated attempt to work at a coffee shop, I was stopped by a cop for speeding.

  • I got my first speeding ticket in Utah County.
  • I realized that I’m about as useful as a concrete parachute when I’m stopped by a police officer. I really need to work on my communication skills.

Got back home and checked my email to find out, I’ve ruined my chances of going to an Aikido seminar. 

  • My less than tactful communication with my Aikido teacher barred both Yoshi and I from attending an Aikido Seminar in December.
  • I might have angered him and created more political discomfort.

I don’t think I can salvage this day.

I’ll just go back to my corner and produce some more code that the world doesn’t need.