Regular Pentagon

I’m reviewing math lessons with Vian before his test. We’re on a chapter about polygons. Me: What is a pentagon? Vian: It's a polygon with five sides. Me: Good! What is a regular pentagon? Vian: A regular pentagon? Me: Yeah. Vian: I think it is a pentagon that is not special? Me: What? Vian: It's a pentagon without anything special about it. Just regular. Me: *laughing* It's a pentagon with equal sides....

June 14, 2024 · 1 min

Nighttime Routine

Vian: Will you be available later today to answer some questions? Me: Sure, I'll be around. What questions do you have? Vian: What was the best part of your day? Worst part of your day? things like that.... Me: Dude, asking each other about our day is not an interrogation.

May 13, 2024 · 1 min


I’m on a walk with Vian. We’re strategizing about this new Donkey Kong vs Mario game. Vian: How can we make sure we finish the levels before the timer runs out? Me: What if we go for different keys in parallel? Vian: Oh yeah! I'll go for the silver key and you can go for the gold key? <silver key is usually harder> Me: Why? You don't trust me to get the silver key?...

April 8, 2024 · 1 min

My Room (essay by a 7yo)

Have you wondered what my room looks like? Do you want to see my room? It’s fuzzy, warm, comfy and plain. My bed is comfy and fuzzy and warm. My walls are plain with one painting. Also it has mario streamers on a different wall than the painting. I hope you liked learning about my room, if not that’s ok. And now you have learned what’s in my room. By V—— Ra—-...

March 23, 2024 · 1 min


I am setting the table for breakfast. I announce loudly “Breakfast is ready”. Vian sits down at the table and notices that I had left two forks next to his plate of cantaloupe slices. Vian: Who put two forks? Me: Oh, I didn’t realize I left two forks. My mistake. Vian: No, it’s ok. Then proceeds to use both his forks to pick up two slices of cantaloupes and starts shoving them in his mouth....

October 4, 2022 · 1 min